Homecoming 2022: Inside or Outside?


Photo Credit: Ms. Chaloka

Ava Benes, Opinions Writer

This year, the annual Glenbard South homecoming dance was held in the traditional way, inside the field house. Although this is how it was conducted similar to past years with one glaring exception, last year. 


Last school year, due to COVID-19, Homecoming was held outside on Raider Lane. 


This leads to the question many are asking in this post-COVID world: which was better? Indoor homecoming or Outdoor homecoming.


Due to Covid 19, there was no homecoming in the 20-21 school year, but in the 21-22 school year, an attempt to bring back our favorite fall time dance was made, and it was to be held outside to ward off the virus. 


Junior tennis player Erik Schmall argues that this setup was better than this year’s setup for he claims this year’s dance was “hot”. This comment is echoed in a statement from fellow junior Victoria (Tori)  Beling where she went more in depth saying “ very hot and sweaty, and they (the coolers) ran out of water and juice which was bad”. 


As a participant of the dance I can confirm that it was very hot, and many men had taken their shirts off by the end of the night due to hardcore partying in the unauthorized mosh pit. Although those two complained of the heat, Sophomore cross country runner Taylor Koeing said “ I’m glad they had it inside this year because of the weather, but if it were warmer I think outside would have been more fun.” still arguing that outside was better, but looking at the brightside. It would’ve been miserable if  the dance was held outside because it was a chilling 57 degrees on the night of the dance. 


From all the opinions I heard, most people preferred the outdoor version of the dance rather than the toasty indoor dance.