Idolizing Celebrities Is Extremely Harmful


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Ella Pope, Opinions Writer

With the current ability to have constant access to see what celebrities are doing, more and more people find themselves becoming fans of more people. While being a fan of someone is not necessarily a bad thing, many people have become attached to these celebrities, and find themselves idolizing them, which can cause harm. By watching how we act towards these celebrities, a safer and healthier environment is created for everyone involved.


Many people use the internet as a way to express themselves, and groups of people with similar interests form, known as fanbases. Many people in these communities are extremely positive, and use them solely as a way to share their love for a celebrity’s content, such as their songs or movies they were in. 

At the same time, there are large groups of people who idolize these celebrities, sometimes without even realizing it, creating a toxic environment. 

Haley Wong, a sophomore at Glenbard South, explained why so many people put these celebrities on platforms by saying, “Being a part of those fandoms can be polarizing. It is distressingly easy to follow a mob mentality of idolatry.” This idolization can lead to a belief that these celebrities cannot do anything wrong, which is a harmful mindset to be in. 


This idolization doesn’t only happen with celebrities, and it recently has been happening with influencers as well. An example of this is James Charles. Charles has had an alarming amount of controversies, ranging from racism to inappropriate relationships with his audience. Despite some of the alarming things he has said and done, he still retains over 22 million followers on Instagram. This is due to his large fan base, who will support him, and many other influencers/celebrities, no matter what he does.


Recently, many fan bases have focused on changing how they view celebrities and holding them accountable for their actions. This is an extremely positive change, and all fan communities should push for this to happen. 

When asked about how her view of celebrities changed from being in a fan base, Glenbard South student Victoria Behling stated, “It made me not only recognize the accomplishments of the person but in some cases the things that aren’t so great about them.” Realizing that these celebrities can also make mistakes helps people realize that the people we look up to are also human, which is important to keep in mind.


While the admiration for celebrities can be positive, and can help create role models for people, it is important to make sure that the admiration doesn’t turn into obsession or idolization. Making sure that you are keeping your reasons for supporting someone in mind and thinking of their actions outside of who they are is a great way of making sure this admiration doesn’t turn into idolization while keeping them accountable for their actions. 

If fan bases continue to focus on keeping celebrities accountable, these communities will benefit from this, and create a healthier space for everyone to express themselves positively.