50 Years of Raider Pride


Students and staff gather early in the morning for a flyover to celebrate Glenbard South’s 50th anniversary.

Kaitlyn Urbanowicz, School News Writer

The 2022-2023 school year marks the 50th anniversary of Glenbard South High School. To commemorate this anniversary, a special celebration was held on September 30th. Glenbard South’s principal, Ms. Santee, the Assistant Principal of Operations Taff Nielsen, along with the 50th Anniversary Committee created a wonderful day filled with Raider Pride. 

The helicopter view of the flyover of Glenbard South.


Bright and early on September 30th, students and staff alike gathered long before school began to take part in a flyover. CBS News flew a helicopter over Glenbard South, where it was met by many different members of the school community all displaying their Raider pride. When Ms. Santee was asked how she felt about the whole celebration, she answered, “I think just excited. We hope people feel a sense of pride and that they belong to something that is special…”. That was most definitely the case with the flyover. 

After school, Glenbard South opened its doors to all of its alumni. Students and staff gave tours to the alumni. Around the school the 50th Anniversary Committee  pulled artifacts from the past 50 years of the school to display. As the alumni walked through the halls they were amazed to see what had changed. Mr. Nielsen commented that his favorite change to Glenbard South was when the carpeted hallway was remodeled, becoming the Hall of Champions.

Some of the school artifacts that were placed in the halls of Glenbard South for the alumni walkthrough.

After the walkthrough the alumni were invited to have dinner in South’s commons. It was an opportunity for past students to reconnect with each other after many years apart. The class of 1992 had an especially great opportunity to connect again as their 30th reunion was right around the corner. 

The final activity of the day was the alumni walk across Glenbard South’s football field. Groups of alumni walked in front of stands filled with cheering raiders. It was a truly great opportunity to support the amazing students’ of Glenbard South’s past. Mr. Nielsen said, “We’re getting a better scope of what our amazing kids do after they graduate.”

The first graduating classes of Glenbard South walk across the field before the homecoming game.

Homecoming Game

But one cannot forget the annual homecoming football game even after all of the planned celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Glenbard South. Ms. Santee shared that it was the game with the largest attendance in South’s history. Students of the past and present all came out to show their Raider pride!

South’s mascot performing in the dance team’s routine.

To further commemorate the evening the talented Glenbard South band and dance team performed. Then, members of the homecoming court rode on the track in antique cars driven by Raider families. Halftime concluded with an array of fireworks. 

Raider Pride

September 30th was truly a day where Raiders of the past and present could show their pride. Mr. Wallace, the current band director at Glenbard South and an alumni, was a member of the 50th Anniversary Committee. When asked about how the celebration will affect Raider pride at South, he responded, “Something like this only enhances how the current students feel. A lot of the stuff we’re doing is designed for the alumni, but just to be here for that kind of festivity, and then to see how people who went here in the past are still connected with the school, well that helps current students know that they’re always going to be connected to Glenbard South.”

The student section showing their Raider Pride at the homecoming football game.

Sophomore Aniyah Nelson also thoroughly enjoyed the celebration. “The Glenbard South 50th anniversary celebration was a sight to see. It was amazing to see all the alumni come back and walk through the halls reminiscing on their times at Glenbard South,” shared Nelson.

All in all, Glenbard South’s 50th anniversary celebration was an incredible show of Raider pride and a great demonstration of the excellence that characterizes Glenbard South.