‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3


Source: Universal Television (link to nbcuniversal.com)

Simona Juknyte, Scoop Writer

[WARNING: this article contains spoilers]

Since the release of season one in April of 2020, the show ”Never Have I Ever” has grown in popularity, releasing two more seasons since then. The coming of age Netflix series, starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, focuses on Devi Vishwakumar, a high school girl mourning the loss of her father while trying to navigate high school. Her expectations of high school are high and unrealistic, to say the least. Devis’ story is narrated by tennis player John McEnroe, someone her dad had admired, reminding the audience of the close relationship she had with her father. 

Throughout the first two seasons, her primary goal was to get a boyfriend, preferably the cutest and most popular guy in her school. At the beginning of the recently released third season, that’s exactly what she has. It’s all she’s been working towards since the beginning of the series. However, it isn’t the perfect fairytale she had always envisioned it to be, it sparks rumors and creates insecurities, putting an end to the relationship. 

As the season progresses, the audience is repeatedly reminded of Devi’s competitive personality when the audience sees the way she takes advantage of certain situations. For example, when her schools debate team is going up against the debate team from a private school, that dedicates a large budget to their team. Devi sees this as unfair and when the school fire alarms go off, decides to cheat in order to give her her team the advantage. While a supervisor realizes she does this and ends up switching their argument sides, it gives the audience a sense of where Devis priorities lie.

Later on, Devi unexpectedly gets a new boyfriend, who she doesn’t need to keep a secret from her strict mom. However, someone least expected to interfere, breaks them up, claiming Devi is a bad influence on him because of the mental state she is still in following her dads passing. 

At the end of the season, she is given a proposal to go to a school in Colorado for her senior year. It would truly guarantee her acceptance into Princeton, another goal she has had since the beginning of the first season. She is very reluctant at first, not wanting to leave behind the high-school-movie senior year she had envisioned for herself at the school. However, upon visiting the boarding school it opens up a new range of possibilities Devi never knew she wanted. She is about to commit to the school, when she realizes how important the people are at home. While Princeton was not something she was willing to compromise on, she knew spending time with her close family and friends was something she needed more. The season ends with the graduation of her first boyfriend, with whom she is still close with, and a potential start of a new relationship with a past fling. The audience can expect both of them to stay in Devis life, but what else is expected from Devi next season?