Purple Hearts: Is Money Worth Sacrificing Love?


Source: Warner Brothers (Link to https://www.warnerbros.com/)

Rumaisa Shaikh, Scoop Writer

Oftentimes, people are so worried about their self-needs that they forget what is going on around them. When they face a problem they tend to do whatever they can without even thinking of how it can have a negative effect. 

Purple Hearts is a movie based on the book written by Tess Wakefield. A struggling musician and a soldier with a shady past both have no idea of what lies ahead for them. 

“… remember, the decisions you make have lasting consequences. Never forget that” (0:54). That is what the General informed each and every marine at the start of the film. Luke Morrow, a Marine, had no idea that his decisions would have a lasting impact on his life. The marines often enter the tavern where Cassie Salazar performs and works during the early section of the film. They act in an extremely hostile and misogynistic way, which Salazar definitely does not like.

Due to her type one diabetes, Salazar requires insulin to survive. She does not, however, have enough money for pretty much anything. She needs to find a way to get her medication immediately.

She discovers that there is a way to get her money after doing a little research. If she marries a marine, the spouse will receive full health benefits as well as additional pay simply for getting married. She is attempting to persuade her friend to do this. Morrow, however, steps in and claims Salazar is ripping off the government. 

However, things change when Lukes owes his past drug dealer $15,000. He threatens to hurt Lukes family if he doesn’t get the money.  

Source: Warner Brothers (Link to https://www.warnerbros.com/)

They both are doing everything they can to make their fake love marriage seem “real,” including acting in love on FaceTime and sending each other emails. However, if anyone learns that this is all a lie, they will be in serious trouble. Luke could possibly lose his place as a marine. 

The lines of fake and real love blur, when this marriage for money takes a spin. Is it all pretend like how it was supposed to be, or have things changed?

Like the situation in Purple Hearts, people often put themselves in problems where there is no going back. And when another conflict arises they do not know whether to be honest or just let everything  play out however it is. 

Overall, the plot of Purple Hearts is fast paced and smoothed, events leading to another right after eachother. Luke and Cassie are opposite characters, but both ultimately have one goal. They demonstrate how thoughts, feelings of guilt and shame, which many people came to believe described them, are not true.