Laufey’s Debut Album “Everything I Know About Love” is redefining the limits of modern music


Album cover for Everything I Know About Love

Reganne Nash, Scoop Writer

A renaissance of mid 20th century jazz and classical orchestration in modern music has begun. On August 26, singer-songwriter Laufey Lín Jónsdóttir, commonly referred to as Laufey released her debut album “Everything I Know About Love.” A sweet blend of jazz and classical inspired melodies, this album is a must listen for any old soul. 

The album is composed of thirteen enchanting tracks that beautifully encapsulate the finer moments of love, from driving through the mountains to the feeling of butterflies when spotting “the one”. From the first song, “Fragile” listeners are swept into a dreamy narrative of reminisce to a time where all there was to life was the sweet adventures of romance. As the track continues, Laufey reflects on these encounters, now living alone and having matured from her younger years. The instrumentals resemble those of bossa nova with a modern pop twist that immediately draws listeners in.

Laufey pays homage to the infamous jazz musician Chet Baker in the eighth track “Just Like Chet.” The lyrics of this song read as a letter of regret for falling in love with the recipient. Laufey admits to being too much of a hopeless romantic for her own good and references Baker’s popular hit “I Fall in Love Too Easily” by writing, “Just like Chet, I fall in love too easily.” This song is a bit more somber compared to the other tracks on the album, and the simple guitar accompaniment adds an extra touch of raw emotion.

The Icelandic-Chinese Artist truly hits it out of the park with the way she incorporates old jazz style into a modern sound. Inspired by legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, it is no surprise that she nailed the classic vibe of the Jazz Age. She references Louis Armstrong briefly in the song “Hi” , subtly acknowledging the music she takes inspiration from. 

First released as a single back in April of 2022, the song “Everything I Know About Love” demonstrates just how talented Laufey is at blending several musical styles. The intro to the track samples baroque musician Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite No.3 in D Major, BWV 1068: II. Air, and is performed by Laufey on the cello. She then picks up the tempo during the first verse of the song. The chorus of the song brings another much different familiarity with the instrumentals sounding incredibly similar to those in the 1974 Elton John song “Bennie and the Jets.” Laufey takes these seemingly completely different pieces and makes them her own, redefining the limits of music composition. 

Throughout this album, listeners are truly able to live out their Disney Princess fairytale romance. The magical harmonies and sweet sounds of classical orchestration combined with the rich brass instrumentals create a feeling of nostalgia for the music that ruled the mid 20th century. Laufey brings something incredibly special to the music industry and will continue to push the limits of modern day music.

“Everything I Know About Love” is out now on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.