The Homecoming Crusade


Photo Credit: Ms. Chaloka

Arya Nade, School News Writer

This year’s Homecoming is celebrating Glenbard South’s 50th anniversary by reminiscing homecoming dances throughout South’s fifty years. 

The Homecoming dance itself is on October 1, 2022, from 6:30 – 9:30pm.  Although the dance is on October 1st, students can rejoice all week before the dance, beginning September 26.

As tradition follows, the week prior to the dance is full of entertaining events during the school day, as well as evening events. 


The theme this year is Homecoming Throughout the Decades. Freshmen are the 1980s with the theme Twist and Shout. Sophomores are the 2000s with the theme Under the Sea. Juniors are the 1970s with the theme Fantasy Land. And Seniors are the 1990s with the theme City of Angels.

Photo Credit: Ms. Chaloka

The Spirit Week

Every year the Student Council plans a friendly competition between each grade through a spirit week; needless to say, the grade with the most participants wins. 

The spirit week starts off with Color Day on Monday: seniors wear black, juniors wear white, sophomores wear red, and freshmen wear blue. 

The competition continues with Tuesday as BBQ Dads & Soccer Moms, find your inner character and put on an apron and get grilling or get a visor and pull up in a minivan with orange slices. 

Wednesday calls for a competition between Bikers vs. Surfers, would rather ride a high wave or a winding road. 

Thursday is Dress Like Your Hallway Day: seniors, City of Angels; juniors, Fantasy Land; sophomores, Under the Sea; and freshmen, Twist and Shout. 

And we end the week with Raider Pride on Friday, so wear your red, white, and blue.

Photo Credit: Ms. Chaloka

Evening Events

Student Council invites students to decorate their grade’s hallway on Monday September 26, from 2-4pm. Judges will determine a single winner from all of the hallways based on creativity and the inclusion of the 50th anniversary element in hallway decorations. 

The Seniors and Juniors bring back a golden tradition, the Powderpuff game on Wednesday September 28, from 5-6:30 , right before the evening  Pep Rally at 7pm. 

And finally, an eventful Friday evening with a 50th Anniversary Homecoming dinner at 4:30pm, the JV Football game at 4:30pm, and the Varsity Football Game at 7pm. And to keep up the Homecoming tradition, Glen Crest Middle School’s band will perform with South’s own Marching Raiders at Halftime. 

Photo Credit: Ms. Chaloka

The Homecoming Dance

The dance will be held outside, if weather permits. Tickets will be available in the school Hub, between 9/21 – 9/29. 

Tickets will be $25 if bought ahead of time, or $30 at the door. 

Students are allowed to bring guests who do not attend Glenbard South this year, as long as the guest pass is completed before the evening of the dance for guests to be eligible for the purchase of a ticket. 

Finally, don’t forget to bring your school ID to the dance, entry will not be permitted without one. 

You can request a school appropriate song for the dance at this link:

Keep in mind there isn’t enough time for all of the requested songs to be played, so the choices will be narrowed down according to the most requested song. 

Photo Credit: Ms. Chaloka

Homecoming Courts

Homecoming Court will be held from September 21 to September 26, all students will receive an email ballot on 9/21. As you cast your votes, remember that the students you select will represent your grade, so choose accordingly. Voting will close on September 26 at 2pm.