Senior Success


Aminah Ghouse, School News Writer

Calling all seniors! With college application season approaching, life may be very nerve wracking. However, Glenbard South has many opportunities and resources available to help you succeed. 

Glenbard South counselors have formulated a “Senior Success” program in which they will provide guidance during the college application process. Senior Success consists of individual meetings with each student’s respective counselors, as well as senior class meetings during PLC on Mondays. 

While some meetings have already passed, there are many more important meetings discussing the Common App, Naviance, letters of recommendation, scholarships, and FAFSA.

Guidance counselor Mrs. Ashley Douglas stresses the importance of the one-on-one meeting with your counselor to be able to ask specific questions about your career pathway and your college application process.” 

Senior Success also provides guidance for more than just college applications, including military and the trades. “Whatever your goal is, whatever your plan is, there’s some sort of training you need to do, or education…what we hope you all take away are those steps you have to complete,” emphasized Mrs. Douglas. 

Glenbard South strongly encourages seniors to use the resources available to them in order for maximum success. Because this is a massive step in your education with so many factors, the guidance counselors stress the advantages of asking questions, and are available to help in any way they can.