Oui Will Rock You


French Club Leaders Colin Luangrath, Bryn Showalter, and Kathy Georgieva. Photo Credit: Maggie Falkenberg

Maggie Falkenberg, School News Writer

Fun French Club activities have commenced once more this school year! Bringing to the drawing board new and exciting options, as well as favorite classics, the students of French club have much to look forward to. 

French Club’s 2022-23 T-Shirt design. Photo Credit: Maggie Falkenberg

The French enthusiasts started their first meeting by voting on their annual T-shirt design. Three options were presented, but the overwhelming majority fell to the French pun involving the popular rock band, Weezer. 

The French word for yes, “Oui”, sounds similar to the first sound of the band’s name, creating the idea of “Ouiizer”.  On the T-shirt will be four images of Mr. Thomas Kallas, foreign language teacher, and French Club sponsor. These images are placed to replicate the iconic cover of Weezer’s Blue album. Mr. Kallas is enthusiastic and honored to be a part of the coveted T-shirt, his face making the design for the first time since 2012. Junior, French four learner, and advocate for the design Sienna Marshall is excited for the final product because she thinks, “people outside of French club will buy it”, it’s fun theme attractive to more of the school’s population. Featured on the back, will be the phrase “Oui will rock you”, adding to the musical references included in the shirt. 

Also at the first meeting, the French club leaders for the 2022-2023 school year were introduced. They include seniors Colin Luangrath and Bryn Showalter, both French five AP students, and Kathy Georgieva, a French 4 student representative. Showalter and Georgieva led the meeting attendees in brainstorming the activities they wanted to participate in for this year. 

Some of these activities were decorating pumpkins, watching French movies, baking French pastries and food, visiting French restaurants, and taking a field trip to the French Culture Center in Chicago to name a few. The field trip to the city, perhaps the most looked forward to activity, at least in leader Luangrath’s opinion, would include French workshops teaching different aspects of French culture to the students. 

Interested in participating in future French Club activities? Students can attend the club’s next meeting, on October 13th, to learn more. 

Students and staff can also look for school-wide French club activities during February, for their Valentine’s flower sale, and National French Week, November 1st-8th.