Black Excellence United


BEU 2021-2022, the club celebrates and learns about African American culture. Photo Credit: Ms. Harper

Emma Pekkarinen, School News Editor

Black Excellence United (BEU) is a space for students of any background, specifically African American students, to learn about and celebrate African American culture. 

Ms. Jamea Harper, the sponsor for BEU at Glenbard South shared her path to becoming club sponsor. 

“I started at Glenbard three years ago and when I started there was an opening [for someone to take over the club]. One of our social workers moved buildings so I reached out to her and asked about the club.” Ms. Harper reflected that “it just sounded like a cool safe space for African American students.” And that she wanted to sponsor it to, “continue to create that safe space for those students.” 

As the school year starts BEU has a full agenda. From field trips to guest speakers there is much to look forward to for BEU. BEU has already planned to go on a field trip to see the second Black Panther and in the coming weeks Ms. Harper has scheduled a guest speaker to come. 

“She is a beautician and has a degree in the science of hair care so we’ll get a chance to ask her questions about that as well as entrepreneurship,” said Ms. Harper. 

In the long term, Ms. Harper shared that she hopes to do a multicultural dinner to celebrate the diversity of students at Glenbard South.

“It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for the past couple years. But we just need to get the funds behind it,” said Ms. Harper. “We’re going to try to pair up with like Latinos Unidos, Spanish club,  French club and like each of us choose something like even maybe a holiday centered and make that item. Sell plates, sell recipes and give historical background and importance. Kind of like a friendsgiving vibe.” While she is enthusiastic Ms. Harper shared that it may not happen this year due to the logistics of the event but is shooting for it to be possible next year. 

BEU having fun and playing games after school in Ms. Harper’s room. Photo Credit: Ms. Harper

While events are the highlights of the club BEU’s meetings are often centered around discussion. Ms. Harper shared that “we talk about various things in the African American community. So we have talked about Kwanzaa or Juneteenth, issues within the school or community and current events. Just things that are specific to the African American community.” 

BEU meets every other Wednesday and those interested in joining BEU can either talk to Ms. Harper or email her to be added to the schology group at [email protected]