Homecoming 2022

Aminah Ghouse, School News Writer

Mark your calendars, Raiders, because the Glenbard South Student Council is excited to announce this year’s homecoming! 

In celebration of Glenbard South’s 50 year anniversary, Glenbard South’s Student Council is organizing an outdoor classy black and gold “Through the Decades” themed homecoming dance for Saturday, October 1st. Student Council member and Junior class president, Emily Puchalski, proudly announces, “Each grade has a different theme that was a homecoming theme in Glenbard South’s past.” The freshman class theme is “Wild West,” sophomores have an “Under the Sea” theme, the junior class theme is “Fantasy Land,” and the seniors have been given a “City of Angels” theme. 

While the Student Council is still organizing food and activities, they have a fun spirit week (themes to be announced soon) and game night planned leading up to the dance. Be on the lookout for upcoming homecoming announcements, Raiders!