Glenbard South to Remember 9/11


Emma Pekkarinen, School News Editor

This year Glenbard South will remember 9/11 through education and service. A nationally recognized day of service and remembrance Glenbard South will be participating in its commemoration. 

On Friday September 9th 3rd period teachers will be asked to share a presentation about 9/11 with their students and follow it with a discussion on the topic of service. 

One opportunity for students to serve their community is by writing thank you cards to first responders and veterans during their lunch period September 14th. 

Another opportunity for service is the food drive Glenbard South is hosting to benefit the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry.  Mr. Ruben Rodriguez, the Social Studies department chair at Glenbard south, shared that he visited the Glen Elllyn food pantry and, “…had a conversation with their CEO and that’s [food] a really real big need right now. They are struggling to get donations and to keep up with the demand from the community.”  

On commemorating the day with service Mr. Rodriguez shared that, “Our students don’t remember the events of that day and so we do feel like we need to honor that and give a little bit of history.” Mr. Rodriguez stressed that, “Part of what students don’t remember that day is how committed people were to serving each other. Not only on the day and as the events of that day unfolded but of the weeks and months after.” 

The topic of service is not only relevant in respect to remembering 9/11 but something that Glenbard hopes to instill in its students. “I think one of the things that we as a school administration  are trying to make the connection with is how our learning extends beyond the classroom,” said Mr. Rodriguez. He further elaborated, “Being of service to our community is part of the greater mission of the district to be a good global citizen and this is one way to do that.”