GBS Production ‘Love/Sick’: Plot and Theme


The poster for “Love/Sick” created by Hans Herrera which shows the beauty and the flaws of love.

Grace Rolston and Emily Cascio

This fall, the Glenbard South Theater Department is putting on John Cariani’s play “Love/Sick” which is about the idea of love itself. Portrayed through the topic of relationships, “Love/Sick” demonstrates key plot points and themes that speak volumes about the modern perspective of love.

“Love/ Sick” is challenging to the idealized version of love most people fantasize and picture. It is relatable to the average person as it explores the full range of human emotions and dynamics. While most media shows couples with fairytale endings after simple sitcom conflicts, “Love/Sick” shows reality.

The plot of “Love/Sick” consists of different sets of couples in different stages of a relationship. Whether that be love at first sight, preparing for marriage or starting over, the show offers a perspective on what a relationship can look like while also shining a light on complications that can occur in a relationship. 

When asked to describe the plot of “Love/Sick” cast member Ella Larramore, who is a Junior and plays Jill, stated that the play, “is about everyday couples trying to find solutions in their relationships.” To be more specific she said the characters are trying to “find ways to be able to move forward in a healthy fashion, whether that be staying together through the trials or accepting that distance that comes between them for them to both cope with the challenges they are facing.”

Sophomore Micheal Alam, who plays Ben agreed, responding with a similar take, that being it “mainly talks about how relationships aren’t always perfect.” 

As far as the themes the play explores, “Love/Sick” has several polarizing expressions throughout. When asked what the main themes of “Love/Sick” were, stage manager and Senior, Robert West, responded with, “the two themes that are most prominent are love, given the title, and also the loss of that love.” He stated that these are the two main themes “because each story goes through the gaining of one’s love or the loss of another’s.” West also expressed the level of relatability that this specific play can have to the audience. There are multiple scenes with alluded divorces and heartbreaks, which is something that many audiences will may find in their own lives.  

Each scene of the show is completely unique in character, plot and conflict. Some are comical and uplifting while others are darker and raw. In reference to their scene in the show, Junior Juliana Henry who plays Emily, said,”It shows an animalistic side of love, the yearning, the raw connection humans feel for each other, but not always getting it.”

Overall “Love/Sick” has a complex and relatable plot and is a show that demonstrates the complications but also triumphs that can be in a relationship. It will be showing in the little theater at Glenbard South September 15, 16, and 17th at 7:30pm for audiences to enjoy. Tickets are available online with credit card and cash at the door.