Review on ‘Only Murders in the Building’


Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Jaden Juengel, Scoop Writer

Over the past month Hulu launched the highly anticipated second season of mystery-satire series, “Only Murders in the Building”. The series stars the witty trio of Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin.

The series follows the unsuspecting posse of newbie podcasters as they uncover murders in their New York apartment complex. The second season unravels in secrecy, deception and alluring contradiction.

“Only Murders in the Building” is a comically authentic whirlwind with precise characters and invincible enthusiasm. In a deadline article, Gomez describes her casting process, explaining, “They pitched me the idea and it led into a whole conversation about my actual obsession with true crime”. Gomez further emphasizes her experience at CrimeCon and her candid investment in the process of creating “Only Murders in the Building”. Additionally, Martin details Gomez’s character evolution as a, “very special flavoring in the show”.

Throughout the second season, the cast solidifies their bond with marvelous comedic timing, flawless delivery, and spectacular character development. 

The series is a definite must-watch for aspiring creators and lovers of comedy and mystery alike.