Principal Advisory Board Goes Bowling


Lily Guetzow

The Principal Advisory Board was a group created for the purpose of students learning the process of change making within the school, and likewise making changes they would like to see. There are three committees within the board, those being the educational betterment, student betterment, and the school spirit committee. The purpose of each board is to create a better environment within the school for both the students and faculty. In efforts to boost morale within the student body, the Principal’s Advisory Board school spirit committee planned and hosted a bowling event; which took place at Foxbowl on April 10th. The event was planned around student interest, as it was the students who came up with the idea of bowling, and was meant to serve as a place in which students could participate in something active and bond during the process. The Principal Advisory Board held three lanes within the bowling alley, and were able to run two games within each lane. All in all, the event went well, and has motivated the board to plan a minigolf event in the future! This event will not be the end of the goals that this committee has planned, as there are many proposals yet to be addressed, such as adding tailgating to games, a picnic event where you can bring your dog, and addressing the subject of finals.