Flying Through the Years


Sarah Ledford

As the class of 2022 counts down the days until graduation, the seniors of the Glenbard South Badminton team are trying to savor their last moments. Even though their years of high school were impacted due to Covid-19, they are fighting their way through their final year of badminton. The 2022 Badminton team includes nine seniors: Emily Frieling, Sarah Parayno, Audrey Sweeney, Maddie Puzon, Sumayyah Syed, Madison Molenda, Kasia Surdey, Kaitlyn LaFrancis, and Julia Glaser.
Many of these athletes are four-year badminton players, which is important because it adds experience to the team. Glaser, Frieling, Parayno, Surdey, and LaFrancis are four year players, and they have all gotten better each year. The other seniors on the team have played for less seasons, but the entire group plays as if they have been playing forever. With these experienced players, everyone on the team can inherit their knowledge for future years.
Each senior had their own favorite memory of playing badminton at Glenbard South. Responses such as “Riding in the bus all together”, “The team bonding activities”, and “Singing on the bus rides”, show how many of their best memories on this team take place when they are together.
“Going to sectionals my junior year”, Parayno answered. This goes to show how successful both the individuals and the team have been every year.
Molenda answered, “The relationships I created while playing this sport!”. Relationships between teammates are vital to create a caring and loving environment for everyone.
Making memories is important for every athlete because in the future, graduates can look back on their time at South and remember the great times they had playing!
As a final question, the seniors were asked, “What would you tell people who are thinking of playing badminton?”. The most popular answer was simply “because it’s fun!”, which is always something to look forward to in a sport.
Frieling said, “I love the competitiveness and the ability to be strategic while playing!”.
Glaser replied, “It’s a great way of making new friends and feeling a part of something.”
These players have all worked tremendously hard to be in the spot they are in now, as seniors playing their final season of badminton. The team has been successful this year, winning multiple conference matches and having many teammates in the top three. Good luck to Frieling, Parayno, Sweeney, Puzon, Syed, Molenda, Surdey, LaFrancis, and Glaser as the season winds down and with their future successes!