Spring Fashion 101

Rachel Torres, Scoop Writer

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, full of colorful flowers blooming, the sun shining, and windy hair blowing. Spring is a very particular time of year, it either includes beautiful sunny weather, or a waterfall of rain. It’s a challenging time of year to dress the best and most appropriate for the weather, but this guide is here to help you. 

Spring has some most-needed staple pieces to have included in your closet, and here are some primary examples.

  • Doc Martin Boots -> A basic pair of nice docs can go a long way. They can handle themselves through rain or shine, and go with almost anything. You could wear these boots with dresses, jeans, shorts, basically anything. 
  • Neutral Color Zip Ups -> Spring tends to have a breeze, it’s best to have some staple basic zip ups to keep you warm and to just throw over your outfit.
  • Neutral Sneakers -> A nice pair of sneakers can go a long way. Spring is a time of year where everyone who hibernates comes out to shine, a good comfy pair of sneakers can keep you comfortable while adventuring outside.
  • Flowy Dresses -> Flowy dresses are the main thing I think of when it comes to spring, they can go a long way. A nice pretty dress is one way to stay comfortable but also cute, and can be styled so many different ways.
  • Oversized Cardigans -> An alternative to the zip up jackets. This goes with dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, nearly everything. It keeps things cute and comfy.
  • Fun Headbands -> A good way to accessorize and show you are all ready for summer. Keep it colorful or decorative to make your outfits shine.

Spring fashion tends to have a primary color scheme. With the weather finally improving, a nice pop of colorful light blends in perfectly within the blooming scenery.

The color green is typically grouped in with nature, spring, balance, and rebirth. Spring is all about the rebirth of light and nature, so green is the perfect color to represent spring.  White is another color that represents light and new beginnings. Winter causes many to go into a slump, where spring is a new opportunity to start over and start fresh, which is the epiphany of the color white. Pastel Pink is another color that looks beautiful in spring weather. It blends with the flowers, and looks absolutely stunning in the color scheme of spring. Pastel pink has a calming effect and spring is a time of calmness. The final color I recommend is yellow. Yellow is the sun, the bud of the flower, and those are things you associate with when it comes to spring. The color yellow symbolizes enlightenment and sunshine. Wearing yellow can spread positivity and light with such a color. Yellow is a perfect representation of spring.

Need ideas on where you gather your spring wardrobe ? Here’s some examples of where to shop.

  • Pacsun -> Pacsun as a store symbolizes nice weather. With amazing jeans, comfy tank tops, and colorful clothing, Pacsun is a great place to start your spring shopping.
  • Target -> With a very inclusive line of clothing, target is a great place to shop. I personally purchased many of my spring clothes at target. Target has many green and yellow clothing that perfectly fits the image of spring. 
  • Thrift -> Finally, thrifting never hurts. Thrifting helps the environment and community by purchasing clothing that others don’t need anymore. You can always find some good clothing items at thrift stores, and so many different styles are available there just for you.

The definition of spring according to ‘Merriam-Webster’ is “a time or season of growth or development.” Spring is a time of color and light, a time of beautiful weather, a time of growth. Within this growth, your closet needs a makeover full of color. Out with the black and navy blue, and into the light of green and white. Throw those ugg boots back into your closet, and come bring out your comfy sneakers.