Generation Leadership

Maggie Falkenberg, School News Writer

Called a great and successful experience by many that attended, the Generation Leadership presentation on March 8th let many students find their inner leader. Students chosen from the Principal Advisory Board, Presidents Council, Student Council, Captain’s Council, and Student Equality Council experienced a new, unique, and interactive presentation brought to the school by Principal Jessica Santee through the organization, Generation Leadership. Although not all those who wanted to attend were able, Ms. Santee hopes to bring similar opportunities in the future for those who wish to expand upon their leadership skills and knowledge. 

When asked about the day, students described it as not-your-average presentation. At first, they feared it was going to be a long day of sitting and listening to one person speak. However, the student attendees were surprised to find that the speaker was highly interactive, energetic and captivated their attention. Students’ favorite parts of the presentation included working in leadership groups, hearing personal stories and experiences, and spontaneous discussions that erupted. Overall, the students who attended the presentation look forward to using the skills they acquired in leadership positions to better the school.