E-Learning Proves Beneficial


Zainab Talha, Bottom Line Editor

In the lives of students, the past couple months have drastically affected their educational experiences and pursuits. Although most have considered e-learning a hindrance to their academic progression, there have been several benefits.

It is important to understand the uniqueness of a situation like this. Amid a pandemic where everyone must remain apart from each other, it is a major feat that students can still continue their learning, even if it is online. It is manifest that the quality of education might not be the same, but still notable that it continues to progress nevertheless.

One of the primary benefits of e-learning is the fact that a wider range of students is obligated to understand and interact with technology at a higher level. It being necessary for students to do their schoolwork at home causes this and allows the students to familiarize themselves with various practical and technological aspects of navigating their devices. The benefits of this project far into the future as being comfortable with technology in an ever evolving digital environment can aid students in whatever career path they may choose. 

Another significant impact e-learning has been on the way schools educate their students. With e-learning as an option, schools can choose to give students the option to attend online classes partially if there is an issue which prevents them from physically coming in person. An example of this relevant to Chicago is snow days. Instead of having emergency days at the end of the year, attendance can be completed through being present online. Additionally, certain students have medical conditions which necessitate them to stay at home, therefore online learning is a possible option that is no longer as distant as it once seemed to be.

Reduction in terms of transportation is also a positive side effect of online education. Because classes are conducted online, students no longer need to worry about transportation. For teenagers in particular, it allows them to gain more sleep or rest time which can aid in their growth at a critical point in their age. This reduction of transportation to an absolute minimum also has a positive environmental impact. There are significantly fewer vehicular emissions due to the nonpresence of buses and cars, both of which contribute to the ever increasing pollution which damages the environment. 

Although many have shown dislike towards e-learning as a format for teaching, it does have beneficial effects which cannot be ignored. In fact, many of these benefits can be deciding factors for the structure of educational systems after the pandemic is over, proving to eventually do more harm than good.