Election Controversy


Gabby Jagelaite, Bottom Line Writer

The upcoming election has been the topic of conversation since February of this year, and  there have been numerous controversies that have riddled this election with some even claiming it is the most important election of our time.

Both candidates have gotten backlash for numerous reasons, whether it was something stated recently or something brought up in the past. 

In the first presidential debate, President Trump was asked if he condemned white supremacy. The president’s response did not please the public, causing many to turn their support away towards Biden. 

“Everything I have seen has been from the left side, Proud Boys stand back and stand by,” was Trump’s response when the mediator asked him to condemn white supremacy. 

Online, this was followed by people on social media being vocal about their opinions, most of them stating that the only answer to that question should have been, the president condemning white supremacy. 

Although the general public has not only been vocal on social media, celebrities have begun to use their platforms to express the need for Americans to vote, the majority of them including links for people to access information on proper voting etiquette. 

Voting this year has been slightly different since most people do not want to flood a polling station with the raging pandemic. Therefore, citizens can either vote in person, vote early, or vote by mail. 

Unfortunately, there has been some controversy over the mailing of ballots from the president not supporting the expansion of mail in voting, to some thinking it will lead to voter manipulation. The national public radio has said that 70% of Americans are very supportive of having the option of mailing in a ballot. This opposition comes from those on the Republican side that have called this option “ballot harvesting”. These accusations have led to the belief that the election will be fraudulent and not fair. To ensure a mail in ballot will arrive securely to the election administrator, it will be important for voters to drop the ballot into an authorized drop box. 

These indecencies do not stop there with some supporters of the Republican party putting out fake drop boxes in front of establishments to collect ballots. One instance of this has occurred out in Los Angeles, where a pastor who has previously made statements against the black lives matter movement has stated that he has had an official drop box outside of the church he has preached at. The importance of voters realizing where they have been placing their ballots will be very important in order for the election to be fair. 

Many people are anxiously waiting for Election Day to see how the events accumulating over the past few months will soon pan out.