The importance of a Homecoming DJ

Victoria Polinski, Lenses Writer

Homecoming week was a very fun and exciting week for all Glenbard South Raiders, but Homecoming night itself was even better; everyone had so much fun. Although all of the activities leading up to and at homecoming were very fun, the DJ is a huge part of the event. The DJ brings the energy from the music that is played. The DJ that Glenbard South hired this year played at three events including lunch for all periods, the in school pep rally, and the dance itself. For all of these events, the final cost of the DJ was $12,000. Was it worth it?

The DJ did many things very well. First, the DJ played music that many people enjoyed. He came for all periods of lunch one day and took music requests so everyone could contribute to the playlist. This ensured that every kind of music was played, and everyone enjoyed the music. Second, the DJ played at three events.  Two out of the three were leading up to the dance which let everyone get a sneak peek and give their options on songs that he/she wanted to hear. Finally, most people had fun. This DJ played many songs from most categories so everyone had something to jam to. Even if everyone’s song was not played, there were many choices of songs to dance to. 

Although there were many upsides, there were a few downsides to the DJ. The first downside was that it was pretty expensive. The DJ cost $12,000. $12,000 is a big amount of money that could be used for other things, such as fixing things in the school or other small events the school might throw. Another downside was that some songs had to be cut, as there were copious amounts of requests. That meant that not all song requests could be played. 

Considering all of this, the DJ at this year’s homecoming was very worth it. This DJ brought so much fun to the night. Although $12,000 was a large amount, this was the total for all three days. That meant about the school paid about $4,000 per day for each time he played. Many other DJs cost can cost up to $18,000 for one event. Most importantly, the night and other days were so much fun because of the DJ. This DJ brought so much fun and joy. Without their awesome songs and remixes, this year’s homecoming would not have been the same.