What will the iPhone 11 be like?


Sarah Vangjeli, Cutting Edge Writer

iPhones have been known for their slick, simple and addicting design, as you can tell by the prices of all of their products. iPhones came out in 2007, and since then people tend to agree that there have been some major changes to the phones. Recently the new phone design, the iPhone 11, has been “leaked”.

Like any iPhone, the new ones are expensive typically selling at $1199 for 512 GB, a pretty large phone storage. But why do iPhones tend to be so expensive? It is pretty obvious; the quality is exemplary. Apple includes the fastest chips in their phones. The material on iPhones is unique and not cheap or flimsy, containing extremely durable glass. The iPhone 11 is claiming to be the most durable glass Apple has ever released, which is what they say every time they release new devices. How much better can it get?

The new iPhone features will be nothing like the previous phones. There will be three cameras on the back to provide higher quality photography. The more they release, the better the camera gets. Throughout the years, customers have seen many changes being made to iPhone cameras. The first big change customers saw on the cameras occured in the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. The phone had two cameras, providing portrait mode. Now, we will be seeing three cameras. What will we see in the future? Four cameras? Maybe five? 

Have you ever run low on battery, and you think to yourself, “I wish you could transfer battery from one object to another?” The iPhone 11 is allegedly allowing AirPods to wirelessly charge on the back of the iPhone, so if you will ever be in need of music and running low on your AirPods’ battery, do not worry. 

The iPhone 11 will be expected to be released in Fall 2019. It has sounded like it will be the next big hit, but will the awkward camera look cut it? Apple has never failed. For example, the AirPods looked weird at first, but now they are something everyone will crave to have.