Homeschooling vs traditional schooling


Riley Carrillo, Journalism student

Ever feel scared to go to school due to bullying or fear of being in danger of a shooting? There are some perks of public schooling and private schools, but they also have a downfall. Homeschooling is not always an ideal way to teach but it is more personal than public school.

To begin, homeschooling is a safer place to learn, so there is need to worry about shootings, bullies and drug abuse. Over 2.3 million kids are homeschooled in the United States. Also, homeschooling is cheaper than going to a private school to get a good education. The sizes of a class in traditional schooling is 25-30 students, but being homeschooled the sizes really only get up to 5 kids max. This helps increase personal time with each student that is geared around a child’s weaknesses and strengths. Homeschooled students tend to score 15-30 points more on national wide tests like the SAT and ACT, compared to public school students.

Next the downside to being homeschooled is that there is minimal social interactions with children the same age. In traditional school she kids can participate in extracurricular activities, where they meet friends with similar interests as them. Another thing is parents most likely are not trained in how to teach their kids the material, whereas teachers go to school just to learn how to be calm and how to word certain things.

Homeschooling sounds great on paper, but when one really thinks about, it is not the greatest. It all depends on the child and what they feel comfortable with.