Reagan Rude, Cutting Edge Writer

It is a typical passing period at Glenbard South. You are walking down the hallway. Suddenly, something in your periphery catches your attention. You see a student strolling down the hallway with his/her AirPods in. She appears to be walking in slow motion, like a scene from a movie. All eyes are on her. She resemble the essence of fashion, swagger and wealth all jumbled into one. Your jaw drops. You wish you were her .

         In the past few months, Apple’s product, Airpods, have become a massively popular sensation among teenagers and adults alike. But why have they turned into a status symbol? And what makes them so great that they are worth paying $170 for? Let’s explore.

Airpods offer brand new features unprecedented by any previous headphones. For example, many consumers are appealed by their bluetooth function. The headphones know whether they are in one’s ears or not and will pause one’s music if one takes them out.

         Another attractive feature is that they are wireless. The lack of cords hanging down and getting in the way makes it easier to move about as one listens. Seriously, I have tried working out with regular earbuds. The cords smacking me in the face after every painful step while I jog creates an even more unpleasant experience. At that point I decide it is just not worth it. However, Airpod users do not have this problem thanks to their cordless style. Lastly, Airpods are a status symbol. If you are trying to get with the Regina George crowd, there is no easier way than getting a pair of Airpods to show you belong there.

           Airpods are kind of like luxury watches. They serve exactly the same function as regular, less pricey types, but they let everyone know how thick someone’s wallet is.

So, are you considering buying Airpods now? Personally, I am not rushing to throw my money at them, not as long as Grubhub keeps cleaning my bank account dry, but I understand the appeal.