Going shopping?

Going shopping?

Shayan Malik, Cutting Edge Editor

It seems like Amazon is always ahead in finding new ways of utilizing technology for the convenience of customers, especially with the invention of Amazon Go, a cashier-free store stocked with prepared meal items and a variety of kitchen staples. It eliminates the time-consuming hassle of the checkout line. However, Caper, a competing company, launched an artificial-intelligence powered shopping cart that can recognize any item inside of it and charge the customer directly from within.This invention may just change the face of self service machines in stores all over the world.


The AI-powered shopping cart contained many high class features that improve the quality and convenience for shoppers. For example, Caper has a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper. The cart uses cameras to recognize items that are placed inside. This allows for items to be scanned as soon as one places them into the cart. The company claims people already buy eighteen percent more per visit after stores are equipped with its carts. Caper also contains an interactive screen that can suggest items to shoppers and provide them with a map of the store and where to find them.


The artificial intelligence powered carts have already been introduced in two chain stores, andCaper is due to roll it’s AI-powered carts to another 150 retail chains this year. Today, Caper is revealing that it has raised a total of $3.5 million, according to a press release.


There are many benefits to this invention. For instance, consumers are able to avoid waiting in line for cashiers or other self service devices that many stores use. Caper’s cart may eventually eliminate the scanning stage completely, making this process even more convenient.


Also, these carts are easier to implement than in-store camera networks. Unlike Amazon Go’s cashierless stores that require a copious amount of high quality cameras and sensors all throughout the store, Caper’s cart ensures safety within each individual cart as it contains various sensors on every cart. This gives companies more reason to switch to using these AI- powered carts which do not cost much more than regular carts.


All in all, Caper’s new cart is predicted to hit the stores like a storm. It is the future for shopping everywhere, and there is much more to come from this company in the future.