Glenbard South’s production of Spamalot

Mikayla Jacoby, Writer for Lenses

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  In late November, the Glenbard South theatre department put on the show Spamalot, a musical comedy based on Monty Python’s 1975 movie The Search for the Holy Grail. The musical was directed by Mrs. Jessica Keuth-Rahtjen, and featured King Arthur, his loyal servant Patsy and the Knights of the Round Table —Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, Sir Bedevere and Sir Robin— as they searched for the Holy Grail throughout medieval England.

    The musical featured talented singers such as Ian Rose, Bianca Montenegro, CJ D’Augostino, Ashton Allen, Catherine Andres, Ryan Cosillo, Jillian Lawrence and Luke Algia, to only name a few. Rose, taking the lead male role of King Arthur, was a passionate and well-seasoned actor, having held roles in musicals outside of school. Bianca was a gloriously talented singer who performed solos for other school functions multiple times, such as singing the National Anthem She has outside experience with musicals as well, devoting her summers to performing shows such as The Lion King and Mary Poppins. As this cast has prepared its debut, they have hoped to see a house full friends and family members who smiled back at them while they enjoyed the show.

    However; the musical will also consisted of several dances in which extras filled the stage to present a visual spectacle of synchronized and intricate dance numbers. Choreographer Mrs. Jessica Zolmierski worked hard to assemble successful group dances out of a crowd of almost thirty teenagers. Weeks of rehearsal paid off as the members of the group will be moved together with synergy and cooperation.

    The pit symphony orchestra also contributed to the rhythmic bliss. The regular Glenbard South Concert Orchestra collaborated with multiple band members, such as brass players Noah Brewer, Max Marsden, Ella Musto and Taylor Solomon; bass guitar played by Sam Loan; the graceful woodwind section consisting of Madeline Hubbard, Mikey Moran and Sarah Smalley; Jack Hurst, Hannah Ollech and Noah Salins occupying the percussion’s corner. Mr. Mark Lindeblad accompanied on the piano. All these players were conducted by conductor Mr. Steve Govertsen, who said, “I’ve had a lot of fun.The musical had great jokes!”.  A musical cannot be a musical without music and this talented musical crew was ready to produce the best-quality music to accompany the equally talented cast.

    Behind every show was the ever-reliable crew. Gillian Weesner, Aaron Wolf, Sydney Fabis, Simone Banks and Morgan Cosillo all served as crew heads, who supervised and led crew groups like lights and sound, set building and the actual running the show, like moving props.

  Also, costumes and makeup ensured the actors looked great under the harsh stage lights as well as helped make the rushed costume changes go smooth as silk. Sam Nelson, Jacob Oates and Keeler Smaistrla all served as stage managers, who worked backstage to ensure the show will run without mishap. Student director Maeve Pinkelman was the student leader of the musical this year, who overwatched rehearsals and offered advice for improvement throughout the preparation process.

  In the end, the cast and crew put their best feet forward when preparing for the show, and there was no doubt the performances were any different. Director Mrs. KR said, “Overall I am very proud of the work that has been put in.”