Future physicians

Olivia Kempfe, Nation Writer

In the world today, the medical field contains a vast range of occupations that all help to benefit society. When considering entering the medical field, it may be difficult to determine which job would be best to work in. As a result, the Future Medical Professionals Club has been formed to make the search for a good healthcare job easier for students at South.

        Those concerned over their future occupation can look to FMPC for career options and ideas. The main goal of this new club is to provide all students with opportunities to expand their knowledge about multiple careers and elements in the field of healthcare through guest speakers and other events. Some of the different activities the club plans to participate in are volunteering, fundraising, and some research projects about different healthcare professions.

        Junior Shayan Malik, the student leader of FMPC, stated, “Listening to the real experiences of the speaker will allow you to better understand what it takes to become a medical professional and provide you with a better understanding of the career that you’re interested in.”

       The Future Medical Professionals Club meets twice a month on Fridays from 2:40 to 3:30 in either room 208 or room 308. The FMPC is flexible with time conflictions, so if you are in a sport or have another commitment, just let one of the staff sponsors, Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Helle, or junior Shayan Malik know before the meeting.

        If interested in joining FMPC, join the Schoology group for updates; the Schoology group code is JD2D4-CKF2W. For more information, follow the Future Medical Professionals Instagram @gbsfmpc.