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Alexa vs. Google, the good and the bad

Xander Lilly, Cutting Edge Writer

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The good and the bad of Google home and Alexa by Amazon.

“While these speakers obviously are not necessary for daily life, tech enthusiasts say they are fun gadgets to have around and can become fairly indispensable once you start using them,” said Suzy Strutner, a reporter from the Huffington post.

The Huffington post has found that, after consulting with four tech experts, Alexa controls one’s Smart Home, while Google answers one’s questions. Also, Google home has an easier setup while Alexa has more apps available.

According to three out of four experts from the Huffington Post, Google home is currently the best option to them because of all the functionalities that come with Google home. Also, the experts believe that Google home has more pros than Alexa. “Google Home is the better choice for me personally because I want my [artificial intelligence] to give me answers to questions, and I don’t have a huge amount of smart devices I need to control,” said Hernandez, who is a customer of Google Home.

Also, Google home has a price tag of $129 and Alexa has a price tag of $99.99. While the prices may not be that drastically different, Google home has been shown to be worth the price according to the experts from the article.

Overall, Google Home and Alexa are both different devices for different people. It all depends on whether you like Google or Amazon better if you are deciding on getting this device.

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Alexa vs. Google, the good and the bad