Why are mental health issues so hard to talk about?


Wardah Fazil, Opinions Water

Mental health has been a huge issue in the lives of teenagers as well as adults over the course of many years. If not addressed correctly, it could lead to life threatening conditions. In many cases, mental health has been undermined and not given as much importance causing very negative impacts on many lives.


Nowadays, the awareness of mental health has increased. There are many accessible support groups or therapy which people can attend to bring their life back on track. But even with all these facilities, there are people who suffer from mental health issues and haven’t talked to anyone about it. Many think that their issues don’t matter or they haven’t been given enough importance to talk it out with someone. Why is that? Why, even with all the facilities and moral support,  is mental health so hard to address in our society?


Studies have shown that with this new era of expectations, people are struggling more and more with mental health. Even with that, statistics state that 30-80 percent of people with mental health issues don’t seek help. 


People believe that there is too much at risk when speaking out about their mental health issues. They could lose their friends or social status or just be left out. 


Areeba Altaf, a Sophomore here at GBS, believes that people don’t speak out about their mental health issues because it might be embarrassing for some people. They might think that others will think or treat them differently because of it. In addition, it might change things at home. It might change the way that one’s parents think about them or the way that their parents might get disappointed, making life at home harder. 


Additionally, one might think that it would affect their social life whether it be in school or at work. They might think that people would say nasty things or that they would make comments. 


Moreover, many people believe that they don’t need help. They think that their mental health doesn’t matter or that it’s something they can deal with on their own. Mindsets like this create a very bad impact on one’s life and the people around them. It can lead them to suppress their feelings, causing them to overthink and create worse situations.


To sum it up, our society and culture should take issue of mental health more seriously. People should be encouraged to talk about their problems and not be embarrassed by them. In addition, they should always have people that support them and help them through it or it could lead to unimaginable situations.