Math Team

Maggie Falkenberg, Nation Writer

When competitive math meets a fun group of students, what results is Glenbard South’s math team. Even with the pandemic, this year’s team and coaches have found new ways to practice and compete. 

Typically, students can compete in teams divided by eight freshmen and sophomores and eight juniors and seniors. Other possibilities include teams of two, a five person calculator and individual events. 

So far this year, the team has competed in the Upstate Eight Conference Meet, the Glenbard Meet and Regionals. Depending on the results of Regionals, the team may advance to State. This year however, that event is not being held. 

To prepare for these events, one of the team’s coaches, Coach Anderson, has optimized the use of Zoom breakout rooms to sharpen and hone in on students’ skills. She also uses a jamboard and Schoology to record responses. 

If one wishes to join the team, all he or she must do is attend the meetings. Competitors are from a variety of math classes and anyone can join. The team’s goal, in the words of Coach Jodelka, is to nurture a student’s love for math, expanding on topics learned in regular day to day classes, and to spark further interest in mathematics.