Holiday Traditions

Zainab Talha, Bottom Line Editor

Winter is one of the times of the year most often associated with holiday traditions. Although not everyone has the same traditions or practices, there are similarities between everyone.

One commonality between most people is to meet with family and friends. The holidays are a way to spend time together and celebrate. Most often, this is done over a meal and thought of as an annual tradition. With COVID-19, it has become difficult to meet others in this way without risking spread of the virus, especially for those that may be more vulnerable to it such as grandparents or other older family members. To prevent the spread of disease, families can meet virtually instead and partake in activities over the screen. This can help create shared experiences in a safe environment at a time like this.

Another tradition common to most families is to bake, decorate and share cookies. This is still something that can be done with quarantining restrictions. To make things more fun, share a recipe and bake together with a group of friends or family members. If one prefers to keep one’s expertise to themself, one can always share the sweets as a way to celebrate the holidays. 

Additionally, decorations are always something that can visibly be seen around this time. The festive nature of the holidays can be attributed to this simple tradition which creates a happy atmosphere. Not only do individuals in households decorate their residences, but often businesses and public institutions will do this as well. Consider taking a drive to view these beautiful adornments as part of the holiday break.

Gift giving is another tradition during this time. Whether one decides to go all out or keep it simple and meaningful, gifts are always something to look forward to. This year, consider putting a unique spin on gift exchanges. Whether that leads to a scavenger hunt or putting in a prank as part of the exchange, mixing it up a little can always lead to some fun.