3 Effective communication tools during E-Learning

3 Effective communication tools during E-Learning

Sara Vangjeli, Cutting Edge Writer

The Coronavirus has most definitely changed people’s lives through social distancing, quarantine and E-Learning. As students approach this new style of learning, there are many ways to communicate and grow.

      A common app that Glenbard students are using is Schoology as it is the most efficient way to turn in one’s work to teachers and communicate with them as well. Furthermore, teachers have the ability to post links and videos to provide help with assignments. Schoology is also an efficient way to communicate with teachers using Schoology messaging. 

      Teachers have also adapted to using the “Remind” app as an additional way to send notifications to students who may have missed information on Schoology, considering teens see notifications on their phones faster than on their iPads. 

Since, Remind sends students a message through the actual app and on iMessage, teachers have found this best for important updates. 

Additionally, teachers and students have been using Gmail as a third type of communication.

Overall, technology is extremely important for times like this in order to keep learning and growing.