Spamalot: Behind the Scenes

Olivia Kempfe, Nation Writer

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The fall musical is the event that will kick off the school year’s theater trilogy, consisting of Spamalot, 30 plays in 60 minutes for the winter show, and Figments for the spring show. This musical will be a comedic parody based off of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A key part of every play or musical is its set and with each new musical or play that is put into production, a new set must be built by the time the first curtain rises on opening night. For this reason, the scene shop opened after the informational meeting on Tuesday, September 4th.

South’s Drama Director, Mrs. Keuth-Rahtjen, stated that the build crew creates the magic of the musical. “They have to set the world of the play and to do that we have to build it”.

In the scene shop, everyone comes together to use an assortment of materials such as wood, nails, screws, paint, etc. to build the sets and props for the show.

For Spamalot, the main set will be a large castle, so the scene shop will be open to all, with or without previous experience.

The scene shop has been located in the room between the auditorium and the theater. After the informational meeting, a schedule was posted right outside the choir room that has stated the days that scene shop would be run.

If you are interested in joining or helping out, you can contact Mrs. Keuth-Rahtjen, Mrs. Wallace or Ms. Gil on Schoology.

There is also a Schoology group called BackStage Badgers that has frequent updates on everything happening with the musical.