The first heartbreaking defeat of the season

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The first heartbreaking defeat of the season

Brandon Cizek, Sports Writer

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Friday night was not the Raiders best night for football; however, it was a crisp 68 degrees at 7:15p.m. when the Glenbard South Raiders kicked off against the Addison Trail Blazers for the first game of the season. As the Raiders get into the
first quarter, the Raiders came out swinging when number 4 Nick D’Ambra devastated their quarterback before he could have
located an open player to pass to. The Blazers went for a pass all the way to the end zone hoping to score but right as number 3
Rod Rivera blocked the ball and shut down the Blazers chance to score. The ball turned over to the Raiders, putting them in home
territory. With little time left in the first quarter, quarterback Jack Crouch was looking for an open man, but could not find one in
time and went for the carry, gaining the Raiders enough yardage for a first down. Ending the first quarter 0 to 0.

The second quarter the Raiders on offense, Crouch misread a pass, causing an interception for Blazers and landing
them on the seventeen yard-line. As the Blazers made it to the first yard-line, the Raiders put a stop to the Blazers as D’Ambra
and Gjini managed to push the Blazers back to the six yard line for a loss of five yards. However, it wasn’t enough as the Blazers
scored the first touchdown and extra point of the game making it 0 to 7. The Blazers believed they scored another touchdown, but
a personal foul ended up moving them backwards to the fifteen yard line, then followed by another penalty against the Blazers for
a false start moving them to the twenty. With only seconds left of the second quarter, Raider spirit soared high hoping for a
comeback in the next half.

The third quarter kicked off, the Blazers were on offense and Raiders on defense. However, their defense wasn’t the
greatest, letting in another touchdown for the Blazers making the score 0 to 14, early in the third quarter. As number 44 Haushan
sacked the quarterback keeping the Blazers locked up in the dog house on the eight yard line. With minutes left in the third
quarter, the Blazers on their third down, they went for the run and down on the carry, but a flag was thrown on the play with a
face mask penalty against the Blazers. This lost them the third down, forcing them nothing left but to kick for fourth. Right before the end of the quarter, the Raiders took a knee, number 4 D’Ambra appeared to have been injured on the play. Trainers managed
to get him off to the side line for evaluation, ending the quarter.

As the Raiders went into the fourth quarter, with the Raiders 0 Blazers 14. Within the first minutes of the quarter the
ball was fumbled and recovered by the Blazers, followed by another touchdown for the Blazers, scoring 0 to 21, after the field
goal. But hope still remained because D’Ambra looked to have recovered and got back on the field and the Raiders may have a
chance. Blazers had a false start penalty with five minutes left followed by a timeout. While the Raiders had time to recover, they
got back into the game with minutes left in the quarter. Blazers with the carry for the last touchdown of the game, ending the final score with Raiders 0, Blazers 28. It was a heartbreaking defeat, but the Raiders gave it their all but so did the Blazers they will
use this game to learn from and will practice for their next match against Galesburg, Friday.

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