‘Inventing Anna’

Claire Gelber, Scoop Writer

The Netflix series, “Inventing Anna,” has impressively held onto its spot in Netflix’s Top 10 list since its release date on February 11 of this year. But a show does not hold a spot like that for that long without reason, so what even IS “Inventing Anna,” and more importantly, what is its appeal? These were the same questions I asked when the show lingered in my recommended for weeks on end. Finally, I decided to do my own research. When I decided to reluctantly press play on episode one, I was immediately hooked in by the story. Finishing the series in less than a week, I can easily say that YOU will want to know more about Anna and the shocking story behind the series itself.

Source: Washington Post

Following journalist Vivian Kent, this show starts off introducing a struggling journalist that is trying to find her “big story.” When she sees a bizarre story about a young European girl who is on trial for scamming the biggest wolves of Wall Street, Vivian is instantly intrigued. Seeming that this story had little to no coverage so far, Vivian begs her editor to give her a shot at this article. After some convincing, she is permitted two weeks to develop a story and all that comes with it; interviews, funding sources, etc. Needless to say, Vivian had her work cut out for her, and her nosedive down the rabbit hole of this story is undeniably engaging and addicting to watch. 

Not long into watching this show, you discover the most shocking fact of the whole thing. This bizarre European scammer that Vivian is investigating, is named Anna Delvey. Anna turns out to be a young Russian woman, claiming to be a German heiress, who ultimately manages to scam and rob multi millionaires at the top of the food chain in New York City. Anna spends months at luxury hotels, is treated like royalty and even steals a private jet, all without paying a dime. As bizarre as this story seems…it’s real. Yes, it is real. Anna Delvey, or Anna Sorokin, is a real person, who really claimed to be a German heiress and who really is a manipulative mastermind. Between 2013 and 2017, Sorokin was living this fraudulent fantasy and deceiving major financial institutions, banks and hotels. Sorokin is currently being held in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, pending deportation.

Source: Today

In the end, Anna’s fascinating story mixed with incredible acting and characters makes “Inventing Anna” definitely worth the watch. Although the show is dramatized from the original life of Anna Sorokin, it still has its roots in the true story of her fraud. I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys drama, comedy, and just a really interesting and binge-worthy show. Coming from someone who does not typically watch TV and definitely does not binge it, this series was just so well done and intriguing! “Inventing Anna” is available to binge on Netflix now!